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The best overland tent nowadays is normally made by aluminum shell, and equipped with some luxury parts. From factory side, as a manufacturer in produce best overland rooftop tent for more than 10years, today we will show you how to make it better.

What is a basic aluminum roof tent looks like?

Clamshell model
pop up model

                            Clamshell model                                                 pop up model 

This model is the basic model our customers normally place the orders in our factory, one is clamshell, the other is pop up. 

You can find the detailed information from our website alumininum roof top tent. Specification as below,

ome features as below,

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Roof top tent hard shell

How to make the best overland suv tent

--Safe Plate

Both top and bottom are all use the Aluminum Honeycomb Plate, which we customized from our supplier.

Especially the bottom, the most importment part of the safety.

Basic plate

Basic plate.

Our Aluminum Honeycomb Plate attached Aluminum tube for the mounting brackets, more sturdy, more safe.

The enhanced plate

The enhanced plate

Our enhanced plate in production.

Our enhanced plate in production.

--Thicker matress

Thicker matress

The basic model is 5cm, some customer increased to 7cm, more comfortable for sleeping.

--Extra insulation liner added inside the top shell

best overland tent

Basic model no liner.

Extra liner added.

 Extra liner added.

--Luxury model with air ventilation

Luxury model with air ventilation

--Gas strut

Gas strut

Standard gas strut is in ABS plastic tube.

overland tent use stainless steel gas strut

The best overland tent use steel gas strut.

Above we compared the basic overland rooftop tent and the luxury one, hope it will help you to know more details when you buy rooftop tent. 


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