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Hello guys, as a factory we are always thinking about how to make the Best Hard Shell Rooftop Tents.

Many say that the product of car top tent has been introduced for decades, but what can be improved now?

We would like to say that although this product has been introduced for so long, different factories make it and it will have different effects. Different factories have different management philosophies. Some factories may just want to make cheap products, and they will save all the materials they can save, and use the lowest process to make the product.

That’s why many overseas buyers, when sending quotes to Chinese factories, will get all kinds of high and low prices, and they will be confused.

Yes, there are many products that you can’t tell the difference between just by looking at the surface. If you only want to purchase inexpensive products, you choose one of the factories with a very low price, pay for it, and arrange for shipment. When you receive the products, you will find that these are not at all what you want. Or, not being very professional yourself, you distribute your products directly to your users, and after they have used them for a very short time, all kinds of complaints about quality will find you. You will be tired of dealing with these complaints, you will lose money, and your brand voice will be damaged.

Therefore, as a factory, we pay a lot of attention to the quality aspect of our products, and we want to give our customers products that meet expectations, not low quality and low prices.

How to make the Best Hard Shell Rooftop Tents

Recently we bought a rooftop tent sample from the market, which is produced by one of our competitors, we studied very carefully and compared it with our model, found some differences regarding the materials and workmanship.

 We compared them below,
  • Shell Quality
  • Bottom Frame and Side Wall 
  • Shell Cover
  • Closing Easily
  • Reinforced Plate
  • Better Accessories 
  • Ladder

Shell Quality

Our shell quality contains ABS+ASA , ASA is the role of sun protection, anti-aging. shells produced by other factories normally only contains ABS, no ASA.

happyking-shell- quality-with-ABS-and-ASA-front-view
other-factory-shell- quality-no-ASA-front view
Other factory shell quality only ABS
happyking shell quality with ABS and ASA side view
other factory shell quality no ASA side view 1
Other factory shell quality no ASA

Bottom Frame and Side Wall

Happyking’s Economic Model

3 flat iron bars, give a better support. users’ car only need 2 roof racks.

Extra L brackets at 4 side walls, both door and window sides, to give extra enhancement, and improve the connection with ladder.

Extra L brackets at both door and window sides.

Other Factorys

No iron bars to enhance, if there are only 2 roof racks on the user’s car, it’s not enough support, users have to buy 1 more roof rack, and a total of 3 roof racks is required. means you saved here, you pay more there.

Other factory only fixed frame with rivets, the shell easy to broken after long driving
No L brackets, side wall easy to broken.


Considering the durability of tent use, we don’t suggest this Economic model, we recommend our Standard model, pls find details as below.

Happyking’s Standard Model

happyking-standard- model-plate-with- supported-tubes

Happyking's Plus Model

For a much stronger support, we have Plus model

  • Add 3 supporting tubes under the bottom shell
  • Extend the length of mounting channels to each window sides
  • Remove the supporting bars inside the shell
  • Keep wooden plate as standard model
happyking-plus-model- with-stronger-support
Happyking's Plus Model, much stronger support

Shell Cover

Happyking’s shell cover extends to bottom, no need lockset.

happyking-shell-no-need lockset
Other factory's shell can not cover to the bottom. Use lockers with rivets, increase the risk of breaking shell. after long time use, shell around rivets will crack.

Closing easily

Close from window side, more easy, and mattress inside longer. other factorys close shell from door side, need more pressure.

more-easy-for-closing- from-window-side
other-factorys-close-from-door-side-need- more-pressure
other factorys close shell from door side, need more pressure.
other factory no mattress here
other factory no mattress here
some factory even no fabric cover here
some brand or factory even no fabric cover here,could hurt people

Reinforced plate

Happyking's reinforced plate, others no this reinforced plate

Better accessories

sbs zippers and better tapes



Above are some detailed photos show how to make the best hard shell rooftop tents, pls feel free to contact us if you have any good ideas to improve, we are open to hear from you.

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