ABS clamshell roof top tent

Pop up or store the roof tent within seconds – a hassle-free process that takes only moments. With pre-assembled components and quick-fixing screws, you can enjoy the convenience of setting up or putting away your hard shell roof tent in just 5 seconds. Simplify your outdoor adventures with this rapid and user-friendly solution. As a dedicated manufacturer, we offer tailored solutions to meet individual needs.


Detailed size of ABS clamshell roof top tent

Hardshell-Roof -Top Tent

-Clamshell Tent

Shell: ABS+ASA Plastic in white/black

Tent color: Customizable

Tent fabric: 600D Oxford or 280 T/C Rip-stop Canvas, PU coating,

2000mm waterproof, Anti-UV 50+

Mattress: 5cm High-density Sponge with Washable Cover

Ladder: 2.3m Telescopic Ladder


Streamlines aerodynamic ABS shell of clamshell roof top tent

Streamlined AerodynamicABS

The streamlined aerodynamic design of the rooftop tent’s ABS shell not only enhances its visual appeal but also serves a functional purpose. Crafted from durable ABS material, the shell is meticulously engineered to reduce wind drag, optimizing fuel efficiency during transportation. Additionally, the ABS shell is built to withstand prolonged sun exposure, ensuring resistance against fading. Elevate your rooftop tent experience with a combination of sleek aesthetics and advanced material durability.

 Interior Lantern

Comes with a detachable, interior lantern.LED strip lights powered with a USB battery are also optional.

Interior lantern of ABS clamshell roof top tent
Zipper options of ABS clamshell roof top tent from happyking

Zipper Options

Choose premium quality with our hard-shell rooftop tent featuring customizable zipper options, including renowned brands like SBS. Elevate your camping experience with reliable and top-notch zippers, ensuring convenience and durability.

Skylight Window

Three generously sized view windows equipped with mosquito netting, coupled with an interior zip-up closures, provide an unparalleled panoramic experience within our rooftop tent

Skylight window of ABS clamshell roof top tent

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