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Roof top tents are the road tripping family’s ultimate companion. A good roof top tent offers a comfortable and convenient place to camp, regardless of where your travels take you.
However,roof top tents are some of the most complex pieces of gear you can buy and they often require a sizeable financial investment. Thus, choosing the right 
4 person roof top tents can be quite the daunting task.
That being said, if you have a good idea of what you’re looking for, you should have no trouble finding an excellent four-person roof top tent. To assist you, I have compiled this buyer’s guide to the best four-person roof top tents currently available

Best 4 person roof tents

1.iKamper Skycamp 2.0

4-person-roof-tents- iKamper -Skycamp -2.0

The only hard top roof top tent in our review, iKamper took the world of roof top tents by storm with their Skycamp 2.0. This hard top tent has a four person capacity and sets up in just one minute, thanks to its pop top design and expandable king-sized mattress.
With the Skycamp 2.0, you get a sleek, compact, and aerodynamic roof box hard shell case that doesn’t negatively affect your gas mileage as much as other models. Plus, the Skycamp 2.0 is completely customizable, so you can choose the hard shell box color as well as a number of different accessories so you can have the ultimate adventure.

2.Tepui Kukenam 4 Ruggedized Series

Tepui-Kukenam-4 Ruggedized-Series

The Tepui Kukenam 4 Ruggedized Series is designed for the toughest of adventures. The perfect home away from home, the Kukenam 4 is made from 360g Dual Stitched Fabric, which is an average fo 40% thicker than most standard materials while the internal frame is made from 3/4 wrapped heavy-duty aluminum for added durability.
Plus, the Kukenam 4 is built for all four seasons, thanks to its 600D ripstop water-resistant fabric, no-see-um mesh, and two built-in screen panels. Wrapping up this great list of features is a telescoping pole and the ability to customize the tent with added insulation, an awning, or an annex, so you can truly take on the world with the Tepui Kukenam 4.

3.Bushveld OVS


The Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld is one of the rare hard shell roof top tents that can comfortably accommodate four persons. Additionally, it is one of the least expensive hard shells available.
Bushveld’s 4 Season cantilever design makes it simple and quick to open and shut, no matter the weather. A large memory foam mattress and a Skylight window are included to make sleeping there as pleasant as possible.
Bushveld’s main body is made out of Premium 600D Waterproof Rip-Stop Polyester Cotton Canvas, making it impervious to even the harshest of conditions. There is also a Premium 420D Waterproof Polyester Oxford Waterproof to prevent any leaks, even in the event of heavy rain.
Bushveld can be opened and closed in 15-30 seconds because of its straightforward design. You don’t need anyone else to aid you; you can do it by yourself.In addition, the Bushveld 4 person roof top tents has a universal mounting design, allowing it to be attached to any roof rack now available.

4.The Smittybilt Overlander XL


The SmittyBilt Overlander XL is an affordably-priced 4 person roof top tents for adventurers.
The Overlander XL can accommodate up to four people in its spacious sleeping area, yet because to its well-thought-out construction, it requires only a single person to erect.
The Overlander XL is built to last with a 600D ripstop polyester exterior, a waterproof inside, and stainless steel hinges. The tent provides protection from the elements and includes a telescoping metal ladder and a convenient mosquito screen.

5.Treeline Outdoors Buckhorn Ponderosa Constellation

Treeline Outdoors Buckhorn Ponderosa Constellation

The extra-rugged Treeline Outdoors Buckhorn Ponderosa Constellation tent is specifically designed to make your life easy when you’re camping in the great outdoors. Thanks to the Buckhorn Ponderosa’s proprietary design, the tend unfolds quickly so you don’t have to waste all of your time pitching your shelter for the night.
The extra-rugged Treeline Outdoors Buckhorn Ponderosa Constellation tent is specifically designed to make your life easy when you’re camping in the great outdoors. Thanks to the Buckhorn Ponderosa’s proprietary design, the tend unfolds quickly so you don’t have to waste all of your time pitching your shelter for the night.
Not convinced yet? The Buckhorn Ponderosa also has an included 2.5″ high-density foam mattress with a removable cover so you can be comfortable when you sleep under the stars. Sounds like a great home away from home to us!

6.Guana Equipment Wanaka

Guana Equipment Wanaka

Okay, okay, we know – the Guana Equipment Wanaka isn’t technically a four person roof top tent, but, thanks to its super amazing annex system, we think you could easily sleep three, four, or even five people in this palace of a camp shelter. The Guana Equipment Wanaka is a game-changer in the world of roof top tents because it was designed by and for frequent campers who know exactly what they need and what they don’t.
In fact, while many other roof top tents come fairly bare-bones and give you the option to add on costly accessories, the Wanaka comes with everything you need so you don’t have to worry about added expenses. The way we see it, the Wanaka offers two main benefits: its extra-large vestibule and its LED light strip (to say nothing of the uber comfortable 3″ foam mattress).
The extra-large vestibule with a removable floor allows you to easily sleep four people in the tent and have space to store your gear. Plus, it offers lots of privacy and a place to hang out in the rain. Oh, and the LED light strip just makes life so much easier. What else could you ask for?

7.Tepui Autana Ruggedized 4 Person Roof Top Tents

Tepui-Autana-Ruggedized -4 -Person-Roof-Top Tents

Rugged by design, the Tepui Autana is an all-purpose adventure rig for the committed camper. Boasting more interior space than any other Tepui tent, the Autana has enough room for four people, plus plenty of wiggle room for gear storage and changing inside its vast annex.
The tent features a 360g Dual Stitched Fabric which is 40% heavier than the fabric used in most models so you can be confident that your Autana will last. Plus, the Annex is made from the same heavy-duty canvas so it can double as an extra sleeping space if necessary! Oh, and if you’re not keen to install your own tent, Tepui offers professional installation services from their Soquel, California warehouse. Go Tepui!

8.Overland Pros Anza 2000 4 Person


Designed with the wildest overland adventures in mind, the Overland Pros Anza 2000 4 Person roof top tent is meant to adjust to any conditions it might face. With large front and rear walls that can zip open for maximum airflow and a waterproof 280G canvas and removable rainfly that can withstand any rain, there’s nothing the Anza can’t do.
Where the Anza really shines, however, is in its simple set-up process. Overland Pros eliminated the need for those pesky spring rods to keep your tent upright, so you no longer have to climb up into a precarious position to pitch your Anza for the night. What could be better?

9.Tuff Stuff Elite Overland


The ultimate adventure rig for the whole family, the Tuff Stuff Elite Overland roof top tent has enough interior room for four adults or two adults and three kids, so you never have to leave anyone behind. Specifically designed for family-style camping, the Elite Overland has a large footprint for added comfort and also includes an annex so you can store and organize all of your gear.
With two entry doors, two retractable ladders, and two large windows, the Elite Overland also makes it easier for multiple people to get ready in the morning at the same time. The best part?

10.Free Spirit Recreation High Country


If you want the best of all worlds and aren’t willing to compromise in comfort or quality, the Free Spirit Recreation High Country 80″ Premium is the roof top tent for you. This deluxe-sized tent has so much room, you could easily fit 5 adults inside, but it’s certainly roomier with just four.
If that wasn’t enough, the High Country has a unique fold-out design with oversized windows that offer unparalleled 360-degree panoramic views. Oh, and the integrated LED night light means you never have to be in the dark with the Free Spirit Recreation High Country roof top tent.

How to Choose a 4 Person Roof Top Tents

Okay, now that you have seen our top picks, let’s talk a bit about how to choose a roof top tent. As we mentioned, roof top tents are quite complex, so if you’re new to the world of roof top camping, you might not understand where to start.
If that wasn’t enough, if you’re looking specifically for 4 person roof top tents, you have to be quite careful with what you buy. Since the vast majority of roof top tents are made for just two people, you’ll need to pay particular attention to a tent’s specifications before you buy. When shopping for your next rooftop tent, keep these key features in mind:

Type: Soft top v. Hard top

Once of the first things you’ll notice when shopping around for a roof top tent is that there are different types available. In general, we categorize roof top tents as either soft top or hard top.
The soft top models fold into a rubber-esque cover that’s mounted to the top of your vehicle, much like a cargo bag would be. These tend to be the most affordable options and, thus, are generally more popular.
Hard top models are new to the world of roof top tents, however, they’re quickly taking the market by storm. Although there aren’t many of them (and certainly very few 4 person models), hard top roof top tents look like a large fiberglass cargo box when not in use and then pop out to form a tent.

Sliding v. Telescoping Ladders

Since roof top tents sit above your car, you’ll need a ladder to get in and out of bed. Roof top tents generally come with their own ladders, though there are two kinds: sliding and telescoping.
Sliding ladders are generally sturdier, but telescoping ladders tend to be better when you want a more compact set up or more height options for getting into your tent.

Vehicle Compatibility

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when buying a roof top tent is its compatibility with your vehicle. Not all vehicles are able to bear the weight of a roof top tent, as well as four people, so be sure to check your vehicle’s specs before you drop a lot of money on a roof top tent.


A roof top tent is your best friend on family road vacations through the mountains, deserts, beaches, or any other severe environment. A roof-top tent is a comfortable and easy sleeping solution in any environment. They are practical because you won’t have to worry about slipping on the wet ground.
Only the largest roof tents on the market can comfortably accommodate a full family. These rooftop tents sleep four, making them perfect for camping trips and other outdoor excursions.
Your overlanding adventures can reach new heights with these models. You won’t need to pitch another tent in the yard or squeeze everyone into a cramped vehicle. These 4 Person Roof Top Tents not only offer a secure place to sleep and relax during your camping trip, but also an attractive alternative to traditional tents.

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